Hairstyle Menu is now represented in Pärnu – ATELIER Studio

We have the great pleasure and honor to announce that Hairstyle Menu is now represented in ATELIER Studio.

The highly motivated and hard-working team of ATELIER Studio consists of professional makeup and hair artists. In addition to different beauty and photo services they organize makeup and hairstyling training to everyone who want to learn the art of beauty. The studio has a wide range of ghd products for every client’s taste. Even more, ATELIER Studio is the official representative salon of the  brand Make-Up Atelier Paris. The professionals of ATELIER have made Estonian women even more gorgeous since 2015.  At ATELIER Studio you will be in the best hands.

Become a part of their beautiful creations!

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Have you ever thought about getting a beautiful hairstyle for a special event but had no idea what exactly you wanted? Or have you come up with a great idea but the hairdresser just does not manage to make it look like on the picture? Good news – Hairstyle  Menu™ or Soengumenüü™ is your solution. 


Decors Showroom has assembled a true delicacy for all hairstyle lovers – Hairstyle Menu™ inspired by the most outstanding and ageless style icons.

Hairstyle Menu™ is an exclusive service where the client – you! – can pick the hairstyle you love from a menu (which looks exactly like a restaurant menu!) specially designed for this purpose. In it you will find a description about the recommended length and color of your hair for each hairstyle, how much time it takes and how much it costs. It includes all the good things from finding exactly what the client wants to making hairdresser’s life easier and getting the result everybody hoped for.


Hairstyle Menu™ has divided their hairstyles by different categories. Here you can find everything from fun curls and waves, braids and extravagant red carpet styles to true vintage pearls, high fashion and wedding hairstyles. From a menu with already 27 different styles everyone will without a doubt find what they are looking for.


At the moment, Hairstyle Menu™ can be found in ATELIER Stuudio (Pärnu), Merepärli Salong (Rakvere) and Decoris Showroom (Tallinn) – at the place where it all started.  As this service is very new and training hairdressers and studios takes time, be patient until it reaches your favorite salon. In bigger perspective though, Hairstyle Menu™ is also hoping to grow and expand outside of Estonia.

PR Fashion Room has had a chance to try Hairstyle Menu™ out on two occasions. About their experience You can read from HERE.

The summer is coming – for all those beautiful summer nights and splendid events, we invite you to find and try out a hairstyle with a true character! Check out the whole selection here: